Coping with Job loss

By: Robert Amoroso

We have all received these words of advice, one time or another: “Get a good job and you will be set for life.” That premise or idea is all in good, but there is no way to see what the future holds.

When faced with life-changing challenges we all have different ways to cope and manage. Simply put, our genetic make-up or fabric defines us and allows us to handle stress in different ways.

Job loss in many respects conveys that your sense of who you are has changed, just as recent as yesterday you may have had a job title that helped you define your place in the everyday world, but then all of a sudden that career is gone because of company downsizing, position redundancy or even being laid-off.

From past experience, losing your job can have a profound effect on the psyche; it shakes your confidence and challenges your self-worth. Not only are you thinking of your own well-being, you also have a family, a home and mortgage which are affected by this circumstance. Like an ominous cloud, depression sets in. Feelings of worthlessness have ravaged your very foundation making it equally different to concentrate in your job search.

With the new job search there are feelings of positive energy, renewed optimism and enthusiasm. But when the job search stretches from days into weeks into month, these cocktail of emotions fester and linger. Simply put, you are in the eye of the storm and depression is in full force.

Sometimes you can`t face certain life changing challenges on our own. We stay alone, thinking it will provide comfort and relief. But it has the opposite effect, because when time is not spent in a constructive and meaningful way it is seen as a failure. By surrounding yourself with positive, supportive family, and friends may help to boost your self-esteem and self-worth.

A new job search can be a daunting arduous journey towards redemption. Preparation and organization are keys to finding your new job.

If you or anyone you know is suffering and continues to suffer through this rough bout of depression, it is important to try to stay upbeat and positive. You have your equal share of good days and bad. You set a goal and you try to achieve it.

Below are some tips you may want to consider?

Maintain a routine

  • Add structure to your day which gives you a feeling of accomplishment and progression towards your new job search. Send out a host of cover letters and resumes per day to prospective companies. Always make a point to follow up on those job leads once you have submitted your application.

Keep a record log or journal

  • This is a great way of tracking your everyday progress and staying organized and on top of things.

Reach out to people for support

  • Stay connected, stay socially active. Spend time with people who have positive energy.
  • Stay Positive, you are not alone! There are many professionals who have vast experience in dealing with job loss and the ensuing depression. You may want to connect with a support group or health care agency that can assist you to cope with your job loss and empower you to transition into a new opportunity.

Network for new employment

  • The vast majority of job openings are never advertised they are filled by networking. Always look outside the box for job opportunities.